House Cleaning Last Minute
Got guest? Need maids? Don’t have the time? Relax, leave the work to us. We'll make it SHINE. Notice the difference immediately!

Deep Cleaning… you’ll LOVE it!!
You might consider deep cleaning to get your home in shape before having regular maid service. We bring all the best cleaning supplies. Know how to mop floors to shine, remove hard water shower doors, clean mold, remove toilet rings and detail kitchen, vacuum furniture and wash windows in/out.

Never worry about extra charge after we clean your place regular house cleaning we charge flat rate.

Not happy with cleaning let us know. We will make it right guaranteed!

If you would like regular house cleaning after the maids deep clean your place first time cleaning. Regular maid service would be, once a week, every other week or monthly.

Extra Task Regular Cleaning
We do extra task on top of the normal regular house cleaning most companies charge, we don’t.

Cleaning task our maids will do 1-2 extras per visit tasks for regular house cleaning on top of the normal cleaning. Example: wash a few blinds or windows or ceiling fans, clean inside refrigerator or make beds or wash a load of laundry.

Alternating extra task per regular house cleaning your home looks and feels clean every time… You tell the maids what extra task to do when they arrive or just leave a note for the maid or maid will pick for you.

Move In/Out Cleaning
We know how exhausting the moving process is —there are so many things to take care of! Maids Today Service can help the process to go more smoothly.

Vacation Home Cleaning
Got guest coming? Let us help you! Are you looking for maids to clean of your vacation home. Call today... you'll love Maids Today.

Thank you we appreciate your business and look forward to serving you!

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